Monday, 23 February 2009

Indian Block Printing

Last week we had a block printing workshop in the studio and here are some photos of the activities.

We were using forma-foam blocks impressing various textures into them after warming with an iron then using acrylics printing onto paper and fabrics.

Valerie is a fine artist, she impressed a dolls face into her forma-foam block. Her work is about memory some of it childhood. Some of the images were quite spooky and dream-like.

Jane, an art teacher wanted to gain new ideas to teach her students but found herself hooked on printing images of her own hand. The pieces became quite bold and could have sent many messages.


Wild Somerset Child said...

These pics are lovely and take me back to what you taught us at the Cherwell Valley branch of the Embroiderers' Guild. I loved using your type on the foam blocks. Thanks for showing this (and I am loving your book.)

james said...

The artwork looks fantastic! What an inspiration! Where can I get the forma foam blocks from that you used in the workshop? Thanks so much for posting these pictures!