Saturday, 4 October 2008

Tantalising Textile Tag Books

We had a lovely day at Ledbury Artplace making textile tag books. They are made from a base of Timtex a firm material used in baseball cap peaks, we found it quite difficult to get hold of so substituted it with pelmet vilene and fusible wadding to get a quilted effect.
here's some we made earlier. The advance group of me Ann, Rachel and Angela had a go, we realised they take a while to construct this may end up as a 2 day workshop.
My little book called 'the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs'. It's good to have a theme it focuses the mind. I've used my favorite print blocks, photocopied tissue paper, some hand stitching and paper tags, the base material is calico.

Helen's first go at this kind of thing, it's really charming i think!!

This is Ann's she wanted hers to look quite 'trashy' her words.

This is Beryl's she used Rodin's lover Camille Claudel as an inspiration, the image is printed onto t-shirt transfer paper and ironed on.

Jillian used her own photo's of seed heads as a starting point.

Catherine enjoyed messing about with colourful cake images and lovely little paper tags attached with eyelets.

Jenny had a bit of a Christmas thing going on.
As you can see these pieces weren't finished I'm thinking of expanding it to 2 days but we really had some fun.


Sarah E. said...

These turned out so nicely!

Heather said...

I have only just discovered this blog and will definitely keep my eye on it! The tag books are great fun and I shall have a go at making one myself. Your photos are so clear that instructions are hardly necessary. I wish I lived nearer Ledbury!!