Saturday, 15 December 2007

Long Purses

After our tuffling day we got on and worked to make long purses inspired by Hilary Bowers purses and a couple of the group manages to finish their bags here are the results.

these are images of my bag it took me weeks to finish in fact i only finished on saturday. it is made from felted wool, silk fragments, beads and sequins. I did a lot of machine embroidery but also tried doing a bit of hand stitching this is why it took ages, i'm rubbish at hand stitching!

Marion really whizzed along and had hers finished well before the end of class. She has done a lot of textured machine embroidery.

Rachels bag is really bright and colourful, these pics don't really show how twinkly it is.

Rosemary was still working on hers when we broke up.